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If you have not heard of it, World of Warcraft is a very popular (more than 10 million subscribers worldwide) computer video game.  This video series will present factual information (from the game itself and from news articles) that clearly demonstrate the occult nature of the game.  Those who play the game are oftentimes trapped, in such bondage to the habit of playing that they cannot extricate themselves from it.  The devastation to human lives has been paramount: lost jobs, lost friends, lost families, loss of physical health, and even direct loss of life as a consequence of the game.  

Given these facts about the game, it should be a very sad surprise for you to discover that many WOW players claim to be Christians.  Some professing Christians actually play the game claiming to witness for Christ among other WOW players.  In this video we examine the issue of whether or not this is a biblical approach considering the occult nature of the game.

For those who are hooked on World of Warcraft and are seeking a means of escape, this video series presents the only true answer to your World of Warcraft bondage.  The answer is not in a support group or a World of Warcraft anonymous group.  The answer does not lie wtih the psychologists and psychiatrists of the world.  For you see, the answer to the problem must relate to the nature of the problem itself.  If World of Warcraft indeed involves bondage to Satan and sin (and I prove through factual information from the game) that it does, then the cure must resolve your sin problem directly.  Only genuine salvation through repentance from sin and faith in Jesus’ blood sacrifice on the cross can do that.

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